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What do Garth Brooks, Taylor Swift, and Casting Crowns have in common? Great marketing! You can have the best songs, the best production, and be the most beautiful human this side of the Mississippi, but if your project is not effectively positioned, you will at best achieve lackluster results.

Parlatone is a full-service entertainment marketing company offering effective project-specific turn-key marketing solutions, promotional campaigns, and unique partnership and branding opportunities surrounding music projects. Our team understands the complexity, cross-dependency, and the critical nature of delivering successful projects on a strategic timeline and within budget.


Already have a marketing team? We have services available that are designed to work with existing marketing plans and promotions.

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What is Parlatone?

Parlatone is a Nashville, TN based entertainment marketing company with an emphasis on creating and executing tailor-made marketing strategies. Our team of marketing specialists work closely with clients to devise strategies aimed at optimizing market presence, engaging fans, and increasing overall sales. With our network and expertise, Parlatone can guarantee Billboard sales chart positioning for your current or upcoming single or album.

Serving Christian Pop, Rock, Punk, Contemporary, EDM, and Special Market Projects throughout domestic and select international markets, the team at Parlatone has worked with some of the most celebrated names in the entertainment industry. From Independent and Major Label Groups and Artists, to Radio Networks, Major Retailers, and National Brands, we stand firm in our ability to deliver lasting results for each client we serve.

Marketing for every Purpose

Strategic Integration

From Radio & TV Networks and NASCAR Events, to Online WebisodesCustom Campaign Websites, and Consulting, the team at Parlatone provides a much improved experience from traditional music marketing and promotion companies.

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The Evolution of NASCAR

It's no secret that NASCAR has a large and loyal audience. For Parlatone, our alliance with NASCAR affords us the unique advantage of being able to strategically position each client at NASCAR events where 100k-150k are in attendance, and 5.8 million TV viewers are watching each weekend.

From performing on the main-stage, to on-site music sales, radio PD hospitality, and strategic mass-market retail partner support, Parlatone has the infrastructure to position select clients to best capitalize on the NASCAR audience.

The team at Parlatone recognizes that for long-term success within NASCAR we need to deliver solid and measurable returns for each client. As a result, our marketing and promotion matrix has been tailor-made to best accommodate Label, Artist, and Third-Party Promotion clients, with single or multi-race market packages. 

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